Lucky 15 Explained, A Complete Guide

Lucky 15 explainedThe infamous lucky 15 bet is without question one of the most popular types of bet placed everyday in the UK. On this page we go through everything there is to know about a lucky 15 and explain how they work, when they are best used and discover of it is in fact a good bet at all.

The Lucky 15 bet is most commonly used for horse racing, but all sports and events can be included on the bet slip. The bonuses associated with the bet are often only allocated to horse racing, greyhound racing of both real life and the virtual kind.

Lucky 15 Explained

A lucky 15 is made up of 15 bets as the name suggests. The bet includes singles, doubles, trebles and a 4 fold accumulator. The name “lucky” comes from having extra bonuses attached for picking all 4 winners, this bet was invented by none other than also known as the bonus king and for a very good reason.

Betfred is still the best place to place a lucky 15 and they offer the best lucky 15 bonus.

A Lucky15 can be placed win only or each way which makes a total of 30 bets. An each way lucky 15 is obviously a lot more expensive and is no way near as common as a straight up win bet of this kind. The odds need to be pretty large to warrant an each way lucky 15.

The 15 Bets in a Lucky 15 are:

  • 4 x Singles
  • 6 x Doubles
  • 4 x Trebles
  • 1 x Four Fold Accumulator

One of the reason a lucky 15 is so popular is it can bring big wins for pretty small stakes. Having 4 races which include your top 4 picks for a days racing spreads the excitement out and there is nothing quite like the feeling of having 3 winners and watching your final selection race.

How Does a Lucky 15 Work?

To understand how a lucky 15 works you just need to see each bet as a separate bet. Each selection is a standard single bet, each combination of 2 x selections makes up a double, each permutation of 3’s from your selections makes up a trble of which there are 4. And all 4 selections make up your accumulator.

Let’s break down the bets using the selections refereed to as A, B, C & D

Singles in a lucky 15 Bet:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Doubles in a Lucky 15 Bet:

  • AB
  • AC
  • AD
  • BC
  • BD
  • CD

Trebles in a Lucky 15 Bet

  • ABC
  • ABD
  • ACD
  • BCD

Accumulator in a Lucky 15:

  • ABCD

How Much does It Cost To Place a Lucky 15 Bet?

That all depends on your stake as with all bets. The stake is the amount per bet, your total stake with be 15 times that amount.

  • A 50p Lucky 15 Costs £7.50
  • A £1 Lucky 15 Costs £15
  • A £5 Lucky 15 Costs £75
  • A £10 Lucky 15 Costs £150

You can place a 1p lucky 15 if you like in most betting shops costing 15p. But online I’m sure there is a minimum stake and as I have never tested this I can’t say for sure. I will add it to my to do list however and update this page as necessary.

The cost if the bet is one of the beauties of it. We all have different budgets, different disposable incomes so having such a broad range of stakes to suit all budgets is a great fit for punters and bookmaker alike.

Is a Lucky 15 a Good Bet?

Unfortunately the answer to this is NO.

bookies love customers who place lucky bets. That goes for all kinds of multiple bets of this kind such as lucky 31, Yankees, accumulators and so on. Often referred to as mug bets because the chances if winning are so very low.

That said however if you believe in lady luck then you really do never know, and getting all 4 winners is something you will never forget.

I know this for fact as I place at least 1 per week and haven’t had 4 winners for around 5 years! But i can remember each and every time I did (6 times in total).

The only people who think this is a good bet are the bookies. But for fun and some excitement watching the racing on the TV at home or your local pub, nothing compares to a lucky 15 in my opinion.

Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus

Treble Odds for 1 Winner, 10% Added For All 4