Treble Bet, The Complete Guide

Treble BetA treble bet is an extremely popular option especially for those who bet on football. A treble consists of 3 selections and whatever you win from the first rolls over to the second, winnings from the 2nd roll over to the third and last selection. You need all 3 selections to win (or be placed if each way) to get paid out from a treble bet.

Betting online is more popular than ever and the treble being such a popular bet means you can get bonuses, better odds GUARANTEED and rewards from the biggest names in the bookmaking business.

Let’s get this straight, trebles are a great bet, choosing 3 football football teams to win isn’t as hard as it sounds although you do get let down quite often.

A £10 treble on 3 x even money results would get you an £80 return, this makes it a very sensible choice for 3 horses also, 3 red hot favorites in sprint races for example – see how to pick horses for a treble bet.

It can be very easy, in the example above it doesn’t matter if you only get your treble up 7 times out of 8 you are still winning!!

Quick Treble Bet Explanation

  • 3 Selections
  • Most popular for football bets
  • Can be used on any sport/event
  • Bets can be win or each way
  • Wise choice for low prices events

Is a Treble a Good Bet?

A lot of people do question if the bet the are placing is a good one, or just one the bookies promote as winning is unlikely. So is a treble a good bet? The answer is YES!

A treble is a great bet offering big returns for small stakes. An EW (Each Way) treble is not particularity liked by the bookies as it also helps cover yourself for a smaller win should a selection not win but be placed, and offers the chance if high returns.

The bet bookies really don’t like is an each way double so that’s worth bearing in mind.

The most popular stake for a treble in the UK from our research is £5, but we did come across plenty placing £50 and £100 trebles both winning and each way versions. We worked out the average to be around £15 overall with the each way treble being more popular then a straight up winning one!

Our research took place at a high street bookmakers by asking questions of punters going in and out, the research continued into a local pub (or two) where everyone was watching the racing on TV. Around 13% of people we asked had placed a treble that day, and 63% said they have placed one in the past.

The majority of people were betting on Horse Racing with their treble bets, but football was a very popular choice and extremely close second.

Once in the Pubs we found more people who had already placed their treble bets online or were doing so via smart phones on the move. This is a very wise thing as you can get better odds and bonuses when you bet online as opposed to walking to your nearest bookies. Check out our Treble Bet Bonuses section for some great offers.

Which is Better a Win or Each Way Treble?

The answer to this lies in the odds really. The treble is quite a small bet to put on and covers 3 races, if the odds of your selections are low there seems little point in putting an each way treble on as the return cost be less than the cost itself.

As a general rule anything around the 4/1 mark is fine for each way as in a handicap race with 8 or more runners it would give you evens (1/4 of the 4/1 odds) for a place, and 3 placed selections all at evens on a £10 each way treble would return you £80 for your initial £20 stake.

It’s your own decision really but it is odds dependent, ourselves we stick to the 4/1 minimum rule and it seems to work. It can save you money in the long run if for example you don’t bet 3 placed you’ve already saved money by not putting the EW part of the bet on, it may be worth doing some testing of your own to see what suits.

It could of course all come down to how good YOU are at picking winners, if you regularly get 3 placed then each way it should be!

No matter what you choose make sure to take advantage of online bookies bonuses and get the maximum return for your money.

That wasn’t very clear should I back each way on trebles or not?

Ok, I agree the advice wasn’t great but it really is a matter of choice. Personally I would never back each way on trebles or any other bet for that matter. Why would you be willing to place a selection in your bet which you don’t think will win?

Saying “it might get a place” or “it will be close, could come second” means I wouldn’t pick it in the first place, simple as that!

So my advice would be to NEVER bet each way, but lots of people totally disagree, this is an argument I’ve had many times and still do regularly on Saturdays.

That’s my honest opinion, do with it what you will.