Bookies Roulette, Win More & Lose Less

If you came here looking for a system that was fool proof, guaranteed and certified by the board of bull s#+t gambling solutions to make money, then press the back button. You have not found it here.

What you have found is our way of playing the bookies roulette machine, a way that will bring more enjoyment, control and meaning to the way you spin FOBT’s in casinos, pubs or betting shops.

You’ll see hundreds of methods about the best way to play roulette machines on the internet, but how many of them are safe, sensible and responsible?

If there’s anything we’re serious about at Bet Calculator then it’s responsible gaming, especially when it comes to fixed odds betting terminals. For the majority of us that play these things a roulette machine provides enjoyment, thrill and possibility. But for others, they are considered money pits that seek out desperation.

It’s by avoiding a desperate situation that you remain to play responsibly and with more control, this is the covert method.

It is true that if you let them, they will run their course and take profits for the owner, paying out 97.3% (average) in the process. Now the machine might pay out over ninety percent of the time to players, but a vast majority of those players will put everything back in. Stay around long enough, and you’ll be forced home without bus fare.

Betfred, Ladbrokes and William Hill are in good business when they trade mints and heavily diluted orange squash for hours of your personal time. Time is were you’re beaten straight away, sensible and winning players don’t spend all day gambling, they spend a few moments playing. The word gamble is merely desperation, the word play is more controlling.

What’s the best way to play roulette machines?

There’s no right or wrong way to spin the wheel, there’s no better or worse way to plot bets. There are however rules that a player can use to provide guidance and immediate recognition of the current situation. So what is the best way to play, the answer is a little bit of personal management.

We encourage covert players to get familiar with the following four areas in order to make your gaming more enjoyable, sensible and responsible.

Get on top of time

As stated in our responsible gaming article, it’s time to start clock watching. Casinos and betting shop’s don’t like people looking at their watches, or any sort of device that reminds a player he or she should have been somewhere else 4 hours ago.

Time is not on your side whilst your playing FOBT’s, in fact the longer you stay playing the less likely it is that you’ll walk away a winner. This requires discipline but know how long you’re going to play for before you’ve even step foot into the bookies. Say to yourself, it’s now 2 o clock in the afternoon, I will leave at 2.30 should my pockets not force me out sooner. Stick by your watch.

Set your profit margin

We’ve all seen this one, hell even some of team here have regretted throwing a hundred pound winning streak back down the toilet that it came from. If you’re playing roulette for lets say £2 on a given number, and you’re lucky enough to hit that position and take the full odds, then it’s time to walk away.

Profit margins are nice regulators for players who spin smart, a sensible profit margin is around 50%. Most gamblers go for double their money and even ten times their starting credits like it’s some kind of business enterprise, this is no time for measuring muscles.

If you walk into the bookmakers and put £20 into the roulette machine, then walking away with £30 is much better than losing everything chasing £40. You’re much more likely to make a narrow profit margin that a wider one that’s unrealistic.

This one requires discipline too, if you do make upwards of 50% of your starting credit, then you must leave immediately. This makes it more of a game, it’s also very rewarding when you can just walk away. Oh, and if you do happen to pull off that miracle streak on your first spin, then just go and get the pints in straight away, don’t hang around.

Preparing for losses

This may seem a bit glass half empty at first, but it’s a necessary evil for responsible gaming. The moment a problem gambler heads out with his lunch money in an attempt to win major profits, they have placed additional risks and therefore desperation into an already low sided equation.

If you’re off to play FOBT’s with your £20 worth of roulette tokens, then you must be prepared to lose all of it. Just like a fisherman buys a rod with no guarantee of catching fish, or he buys bait with no guarantee of it getting eaten. You must prepare for losses. The freedom that comes with such a statement is very empowering to the player, but you must also know your limitations too. It’s more a case of “how much can you afford to lose whilst trying to win?”.


Big betting with low figures is the devils own ingredient to the recipe that is gambling. You can nip into the bookmakers and spend fifty pound whilst spread betting the crap out of the display in the hope of catching multiples, but it’s still very desperate. Never should you bet your entire stock on one product, or in this case everything on one spin, it’s desperate ( a word smarter players are now trying to forget ).

Bank rolling in money games is the art of spreading your load to it’s best ability, getting the most out of those credits is very important. If you play the roulette machine for the enjoyment and not the fake business model that some believe, then bank rolling makes the game even more spectacular.

Lets choose a number, let’s say 40 pounds and let’s also say we’ll bankroll at 10% and play happily to the possible profit margin of 30 percent. Now you’re no longer playing for the hundreds of desperate pounds you were trying to win before, now you’re spinning with a bit more of a game plan.

In this scenario a £40 bankroll at ten percent would mean spending no more than £4.00 on your first spin, if you lose that £4.00 then your £36 total becomes your £3.60 limit for the next cycle. The 30% profit margin means the set point from your starting figure to be £52.00.

Here’s the hard part, if at any point during the game you exceed this value, you must walk away. Easier said than done, but no one said responsible gaming wasn’t sensible.

Bookies Roulette Winning Summary

I’ve decided that I can spare £20 (that I can afford) to go to my favourite betting shop to play fobt roulette (I am prepared to lose this money). I will arrive at the bookmakers at precisely 6pm and leave at 6.40 (i have chosen 40 minutes play time), subject to change should I lose everything or make my profit margin.

In this 40 minute period I will bankroll to the tune of 10%, that’s no more than £2 on my first spin. If at any point during my time playing I make more than £26 (30% profit margin over initial starting credits) I will leave immediately.

The best way of playing FOBT’s is not a winning system, it is however one of the most realistic and enjoyable set of roulette machine tips on the planet.

Problem gambling is the alter ego of responsible gaming, this method will help you play more responsibly. The true art of the game is not where the ball lands, it’s when the player leaves. This is the best way to play roulette machines, it’s safe, smart and sensible.